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Gladstone Concreting Solutions

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Are you having trouble with your driveway? Your driveway is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. It's also one of the most important features that adds to the value of your property. So why not get a Gladstone Concreters professional to take a look at it and give you an estimate? We are experts in many different systems and techniques, so we can find the right solution for you, whether it's repairing or building a new driveway. A decent driveway doesn't need to cost a lot of money. Our team is committed to minimizing costs so that everyone can benefit. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation! Fill out the contact form on our website! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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About Callemondah

Callemondah is a coastal suburb of Gladstone in the Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia. It contains the Port of Gladstone. In the 2016 census Callemondah had a population of 18 people. == Geography == The Calliope River forms the south-western boundary of the suburb before flowing north through the suburb into the bay (23.8163°S 151.2269°E / -23.8163; 151.2269 (Calliope River (mouth))) of Port Curtis (23.8181°S 151.2556°E / -23.8181; 151.2556 (Port Curtis)). Auckland Inlet (23.8322°S 151.2519°E / -23.8322; 151.2519 (Auckland Inlet)) forms its eastern boundary separating it from Gladstone Central. Auckland Creek flows into Auckland Inlet (23.8666°S 151.2333°E / -23.8666; 151.2333 (Auckland Creek (mouth))).Offshore are the following islands and rocks: Mud Island (23.8133°S 151.2261°E / -23.8133; 151.2261 (Mud Island)) Rich Rocks is a rock (23.8184°S 151.2452°E / -23.8184; 151.2452 (Rich Rocks)) Wiggins Islands is an island group (23.8188°S 151.2186°E / -23.8188; 151.2186 (Wiggins Islands)) an unnamed 3.3044-hectare (8.165-acre) marine island (23.8321°S 151.2184°E / -23.8321; 151.2184 (unnamed island))and the following passages: Targinie Channel (23.7940°S 151.1938°E / -23.7940; 151.1938 (Targinie Channel)) separating the north of Callemondah and Yarwun from Curtis Island Main Channel (23.8031°S 151.2194°E / -23.8031; 151.2194 (Main Channel)) separating the north-east of Callemondah from Curtis Island Clinton Channel (23.8167°S 151.2461°E / -23.8167; 151.2461 (Clinton Channel)) passing east of Callemondah into Port Curtis The land use is predominantly industrial with a number of coal port facilities with associated stockpiles at the Port of Gladstone (23.8202°S 151.2425°E / -23.8202; 151.2425 (Port of Gladstone)), the NRG Gladstone Powerhouse (23.8516°S 151.2190°E / -23.8516; 151.2190 (Gladstone Powerhouse)) which is the largest powerhouse in Queensland, railway servicing facilities and numerous other industrial businesses.The Callemondah railway station and its associated marshalling yards are located on the southern boundary of the suburb (23.8656°S 151.2266°E / -23.8656; 151.2266 (Callemondah railway station)). It is on the North Coast railway line, the Moura railway line, the Blackwater railway line and a number private rail lines within Callemondah servicing various industrial facilities. Gladstone Power House railway station is on the North Coast line to the immediate east of the Gladstone Powerhouse (23.8537°S 151.2211°E / -23.8537; 151.2211 (Gladstone Power House railway station)). Clinton railway station (formerly known as Golding railway station) serves the Clinton coal loading wharf in the north of the suburb (23.8285°S 151.2318°E / -23.8285; 151.2318 (Clinton railway station)). == Road infrastructure == The Gladstone–Mount Larcom Road runs through from east to west.

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